Dugger & Associates is a group of software development professionals with an extensive knowledge of telecommunications. D&A offers consulting services and software tools to the telecommunications industry and their suppliers. Network engineering, mediation, billing, operations, and marketing organizations all find our services useful. The company was founded in 1999 by its principal, Don Dugger.
Too often a consultant knows a lot about network operations or a lot about technology, but is not adept at both. At D&A you will find that rare combination of expertise in both the problem and the technology needed to solve the problem. We specialize in the rapid identification and resolution of issues, whether they are short term problems like damaged data or special requests for information by law enforcement agencies, or longer term issues like the need to modify or reroute the billing stream while investigating a permanent solution. Many problems are resolved with our unique data analysis tool, raw2a. We also license raw2a and other tools for use by your organization, with full support, including training, phone support, and regular software updates. Training is comprehensive, including courses in the use of D&A tools as well as in general network data concepts.
D&A also has strong technical and organizational skills in general software development. Areas such as WEB and database development. We have developed a large library of tools that allows us to develop complex software rapidly.
Oh BTW D&A stands behind what they do.